LED lamp life calculations explained and quality assurances

There is some confusion within the Lighting industry and many of our clients with regards to the life times and performance of certain Manufacturer's LED lamps. Here is a short explanation that I hope you will find useful.

Megaman 6w Dimmable LED In Europe LED’s life is measured once the lamp reaches 70% of its initial light output. This is called L70. Other Countries, like Japan, insist the measurement is L90 in other words 90% of its lumen output. For an example take the Megaman 6w Dimmable range of GU10 LED lamps. At L90 the life is 25000 hours whilst at L70 the life is 50000 hours.

Many imported LED lamps are given spurious life times with no reference to the L70 or L90 ratings and this is clearly for a reason. The life times are at best a guestimate. Unlike filament lamps you cannot accelerated life test an LED lamp, you can only offer actual testing. 30000 hours is a shade under 4 year’s continuous use so, given the rapid pace of LED chip development the lamps are basically obsolete within a few months so this length of testing is just not feasible hence the “guestimate”.

Poor colour renderings, SMD multi-chip lamps, flickering, non-dimming compatability and odd beam angles make shopping for the product online a lottery. Here at The Lamp Company, if you want to see a picture of one of the LED products working please let us know and we will send you over the details by email. We are fully independent and only distribute items we feel meet the clients need.

There is plenty of confusion for the consumer as many are price driven. With LED technology you do get what you pay for. Our energy saving calculator is an honest calculation of any energy saving lamps performance whether it’s LED, CFLi or Halogen E/S. You can use it on every LED lamp and energy saving lamp we list.

Finally another statement passed down from my Father is also very apt when buying cheap LED lamps - “If it’s too good to be true it probably is!”

I hope you find this article of interest but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Office.

Ian Fursland
Managing Director
The Lamp Company Ltd


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