Choosing Energy Savers

As the continued phase out of the traditional incandescent light bulb continues, better and more efficient lighting is taking over. When choosing your Energy saving light bulb you will probably wish to swap one that looks the same into your light fitting. You will be able to find every single type available and come in all the different base caps thereby allowing you to use them in each fitting. There are some slight differences in shape and size depending on the manufacturer, but the biggest difference is the efficiency ratings that apply and different wattages, which ultimately will save you money.

The large range of lamps covered is from the standard GLS style to various Halogens, Spirals and Reflectors to the linear light bulb. Please visit our Energy Saving Bulbs section for a guide on the various categories.

Energy Saving GLS Bulb Halogen Energy Saver Energy Saving Reflector Energy Saving Spiral Bulb Energy Saving Spot

Energy Labelling

As part of the EU directive all energy savers packaging require labels signifying how energy efficient the light bulb is on a scale of A (being the best) to G (the least efficient). Some also continue to have a dimming facility so you don't lose all of the incandescent capability so please ensure that you obtain the correct light bulb when choosing and reading the descriptions.

EU Energy Efficiency Label
Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Energy Saving Trust

As a registered member of the EST (Energy Saving Trust) we are committed to ensuring that we follow the scheme rules as a licensed retailer and sell approved products from all the major manufacturers.

Should you require guidance or assistance about any aspect or detail on Energy saving products not listed then please contact us


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