Choosing Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)

Energy Saving Bulb

Energy Saving Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lamps otherwise known as CFL, come in all shapes, sizes and fittings. They feature the same standard caps as your more traditional light bulb so they can directly replace say the incandescent bulbs and ones that have now been banned under the EU regulations. There is no need for additional control gear or new fittings so it is just a case of replacing like for like.

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Push In Compact Fluorescent

Push In Compact Fluorescents

Compact fluorescent lamps with either 2-pin or 4-pin fittings or GX53, are used with luminaires that contain and require control gear to match the lamps characteristics. The light bulbs come in a variety of wattages and configurations form a single loop, twin and triple, quadruple, spiral to micro and mini. These are usually Non Dimmable although there are some bulbs, which are fully integrated and have dimmable capabilities so always make sure if this is stated.

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Lumen Output

The amount of light coming from a light bulb are measured in Lumens and as such you should look at the lumen output instead of the traditional watts, which differ slightly with each manufacturer, although as a general rule of thumb most people will say that for example a 5w is comparable to a 25w, 9w to a 40w and a 11w to 50w.

Colour Temperature

All CFL’s come in a variety of colours from extra warm white (827) to the popular Cool white (840) to daylight (860/865) and features all the leading manufacturer brands. They last longer with the average life span ranging anything from 8000-20,000 hours so ensuring they are good energy saving products.

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