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Fluorescent tubes - T4 13mm - 2 Pins either end

Note: The length quoted for a fluorescent tube includes the pins at each end

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10w T4 369mm 4000k - T410TUBEThe LAMP company10w T4 369mm 4000k - T410TUBE
£8.38 from £6.78
28 in stock
20w T4 Coolwhite/84 578mm Fluorescent TubeThe LAMP company20w T4 Coolwhite/84 578mm Fluorescent Tube
£10.08 from £9.07
15 in stock
16w T4 Coolwhite/84 479mm Fluorescent TubeThe LAMP company16w T4 Coolwhite/84 479mm Fluorescent Tube
£9.00 from £8.10
11 in stock
6w T4 Extra Warmwhite/827 231mm Fluorescent TubeThe LAMP company6w T4 Extra Warmwhite/827 231mm Fluorescent Tube
£7.80 from £7.02
8 in stock
10w T4 Coolwhite/84 352mm Fluorescent TubeThe LAMP company10w T4 Coolwhite/84 352mm Fluorescent Tube
£8.40 from £7.56
6 in stock
30w T4 765mm Colour:84 - Knightsbridge - T430TUBEThe LAMP company30w T4 765mm Colour:84 - Knightsbridge - T430TUBE
£17.28 from £9.48
6 in stock
18w T4 Coolwhite/84 487mm Fluorescent TubeThe LAMP company18w T4 Coolwhite/84 487mm Fluorescent Tube
£9.84 from £8.86
5 in stock


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