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Easy Light Bulbs stocks a full range of Fluorescent tubes including daylight fluorescent tubes, Triphosphor coated tubes, circular fluorescent tubes and many more. With many different varieties of fluorescent tubes to suit all tastes and requirements, we are able to supply fluorescent lighting solutions that also suit different budgets. From T2 (6mm) to T8 (26mm) diameter tubes to high quality Triposphor coated lamps, we stock every fluorescent light bulb you are ever likely to need.

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Like it says in the description. Looks like back to back D’s. Used in bulkheads, signs, corridor and toilet lighting.
Two types 16mm or 30mm diameter in a range of wattages. Very popular in ceiling mounted fittings, magnifying viewers and bulkheads.
Sometimes referred to as “Knitting needles” these very thin tubes are used in hidden fittings and expensive interior lighting.
The most popular kitchen under cupboard light on the market. Please make sure the measurement is end of pin to end of pin. Normally come with plastic end caps and 13mm diameter.
Professional tube designed to eventually replace the T8 tube. High Output and High Efficiency versions available. 16mm in diameter.
26mm diameter standard lighting used in 80% of all office applications.


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