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Energy Saving Bulbs

According to the Energy Saving Trust 'energy saving light bulbs use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a standard light bulb but generate just as much light' making them an ideal solution for anyone looking to save energy and money. Here at Easy Light Bulbs we stock a wide variety of energy saving light bulbs including energy saving candle bulbs, double, triple and quadruple turn bulbs, as well as globe, spiral and reflector bulbs.

Our Energy Saving Bulbs range - Select your light bulb type below

Lamp Type Information

The same shape standard domestic lamp but an energy efficient version.
Larger lamp for lanterns and outside fittings. Various sizes available.
Replaces a standard candle. Just check the sizes are okay as most are slightly larger than a standard incandescent candle.
For down lighter with screw caps 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 122mm in diameter.
Spot bulb
To replace the Halogen GU10 lamp. Various manufacturers available just check the sizes before ordering.
Designed to replace the standard picture light or the architectural incandescent. Excellent longer life as much as 8 times.
Compact CFLi with two tubes on the base. Comes in variety of caps and colours.
Compact CFLi with three tubes on the base. Comes in variety of caps and colours.
Four turn
Compact CFLi with four tubes on the base. Comes in variety of caps and colours.
Small compact CFLi available in all cap sizes varying shapes and colours. Select daylight for a very bright light source.
CFLi Double ended
Ideal for flood lights that are left on. Not suitable for a PIR fitting.


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